ENGLISH (Prime Language)

in 9 Lessons ?

Yes, communication in english (Prime Language)  in just 9 lessons. An innovative online method that will prepare you for your wished travel, spiritual journey, spiritual archeology  or business adventure abroad.


Prime Language ONLINE

  • Learn a new language and prime language symultaneously.
  • Or discover how to read and communicate in prime language in your own language. 

Learn to understand symbolic language and prime language used at the Odin Theta Academy and at all Prime Tech Publications.

 LENGTH of Service:

  • Cycles of 9 units online (skype)
  • Developed in
    • Standard : 1×45 min / unit
    • Intensive: 2x 45 min / 2 units


At the moment we are teaching symbolic language and prime language only in English. Eventually we might teach in other languages in the future.

You do not need to know english in order to take this course, You can learn english as new language as well.


Every cycle offers you

  • Prime Language perception training
  • Language communication training
  • Prime Culture basic training

 Students will learn about prime culture (basic training will introduce you to prime culture values, principles and give you a foundation information to apply the language within the context of nature principles and laws)

Students will learn how to enhance thier parception, by applying prime yoga techniques. www.prime-yoga.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info 

Students will learn how to communicate in the language, by applying key communcation structures.


  • Order it now to: welcome@luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info


  • We understand for trial the first session (only) where a discussion regarding the service and presentation of it will be provided. Developed in 45 min and an agreement will be created for the complete development of it in case you agree. You have no more than 27 days in order to schedule your first session.


  • Service is available always unless schedule is full and location not suitable for online skype sessions (internet). In case service is not available we will re-schedule your first trial session in following weeks.
  • Service cancellation is not possible after trial time is over. CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS


    skype me @ luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info



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